Parenting around the World Series Launch

“We need diversity of thought in the world to face new challenges”



I am delighted to share with you all that we are launching the much awaited and (I have to confess this), a much-delayed series on Cafewhiz. It is called Parenting around the World Series

Before I share what all you can expect from this series, I want to say that, this by far, in my almost a year-long journey of Cafewhiz,  has been the most challenging assignment for me. It has taken me out of my comfort zone has taken energies, resources, and hard work beyond what I anticipated… So I really hope that with this I am able to add a significant amount of value to you all, my readers. And the only way I can get to know about this is by your comments, shares, and feedback… So please connect and share what you think about this.

What is Parenting around the world Series:

The intent behind this is to simply present the best practices of Parenting from different countries so as to learn, benchmark, improvise and adapt these practices in our day today parenting making it a notch better.

Parenting around the world

In this series, we would be selecting a country every month and exploring their lives, their culture, and their parenting practice. You can expect to read every Monday, about the way of life, the parenting practices of the country all along the month. We would also be presenting some popular recipes and dishes that moms particularly dish out for their kids’ lunch boxes. I am also working on a surprise element and keeping my fingers crossed to be able to present it in front of you all.

So definitely stay tuned and let us know how you liking the series and any improvisations that we could work upon. Also, any guesses which country we will be writing about for the month of July..? Do share in comments if u know..

Way of life in Japan

Parenting in Japan


Way of Life in the Netherlands hyperlink