Life Skills in Kids: Being Zestful for Life


In my bad times and in good, I have never lost my sense of zest for life – Walt Disney

Being “Zestful for lIfe” is a great Life skill for kids to make them learn to live a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life. This post is a part of A2Z challenge 2019 in which i particpated in April. You may read all the other posts of A2Z challenge about Life skills in kids below.

Being Zestful

The concept

Zestful is having the ability to live life with genuine interest and joy. Zest has been identified as one of the 24 character strengths that a person can develop. Being zestful means doing things with passion, complete involvement, and enthusiasm. The truth of the world today is that people are so engrossed in fulfilling their day-to-day commitments and worldly materialism that the zeal or the interest in life has got lost.

You do not have to wait for something extraordinary to happen in your life to become zestful. You simply need to learn the art of living and loving life. 

The story:

When me and my kids discussed this life skill, my elder one could immediately relate to the the movie Up and its main character Carl. The movie Up from Pixar Animation Studios presented the story of aged Carl who, after the death of his wife, ties thousands of helium balloons to his house to fly off to South America to keep his promise to his dead wife. At the age he should be retired, he travels to a far off place with adventures and challenges all along his way. But never in this fast paced drama, does he ever complain, whine or not enjoy the journey. This movie breaks the set perceptions of the old age and how old people should be living their lives. Carl was seen as the character full of zest for life at his fragile & old age as well.



That’s the way of life – full of enthusiasm and zest.

How can kids learn the skill to live life zestfully?

  1. Life is more than simply following a routine. There is more to it. Discover that. Go back to your interests and passions. And anything that gives you joy and makes you happy is worth giving a try. Teach them to stay connected to their passions and to take out time to do what they love doing even in exam times.
  2. Start being natural and stay close to nature. Nature has its own ways of rejuvenating the senses and instilling positive energies. Taking them out to nature, parks, rivers, and streams involve them in gardening, connecting them with soil, all these have some very positive impacts on kids personalities.
  3. Eat green eat natural eat local & eat fresh. Your physical and mental energy levels have a lot to do with what you eat.
  4. Talk to kids about the tough times you have gone through and how you fared well or not so well but in the end, it all passed and gave you life lessons. Zestfulness is to maintain the same enthusiasm for life in good and not so good times too.


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